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I Don't Wanna Be Pink

How a single, 39-year-old refused to

let breast cancer and its fervent

culture define her

"From braving a plane ride with a bald head to navigating sexy hook-ups after a double mastectomy, Dena inspires and entertains with her candid, smart and often laugh-out-loud story of the year she never dreamed she'd endure." —Wendi Aarons, award-winning humor writer




I'm a professional copywriter, humorist and author of the memoir, I Don't Wanna Be Pink. My work has been published in Austin Woman magazine and on Fresh Yarn, and recognized by Pentawards, HOW, and Graphic Design USA. I have written and performed with Austin's Gag Reflex sketch comedy group, and was once hailed a "freak" by Wayne Brady after successfully mimicking the sound of wind as a volunteer in one of his Las Vegas shows (longer story). I live in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by loving friends, gifted creatives, and a commotion of fur called Bridget. 



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