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Writing to Heal—interview with breast cancer survival expert, Becky Olson

Updated: Jan 19

This week, I had the opportunity to talk with Becky Olson, Motivational Speaker and Author. Co-founder and Radio Talk Show Host at Breast Friends. Becky has been battling cancer since 1996 and has dedicated her life to spreading hope and inspiration to women around the world. During this interview, Becky and I discuss the power of writing in helping anyone heal, whether they're dealing with cancer or any of life's challenges. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, writing helped get the noise out of my head, honor my feelings and restore mindshare, which was crucial in organizing my thoughts, making decisions, and regaining control of my health. Writing to heal doesn't require pages in a journal nor any writing experience/chops. Listen and learn the many different types of writing to try and support your own healing. And thanks for visiting. I appreciate you!

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